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Importing Data

Last Updated: Jul 05, 2013 01:02AM UTC
You can import records from another file, however, it requires a bit of careful attention when considering the information stored in the source file and where it will go into in the destination file.

If you get it wrong then you can always restore your old data.

The file formats that CMPro can Import are : comma separated (csv), tab separated (txt or tab), Excel format (xls or xlsx) and some other formats

First, you need to go to the area within CMPro that you wish to import into, preferably going to the list view is a good start.

The easiest thing to do to ensure that you match your data correctly to Craft Maker Pro is to create some data to begin with that you export to excel.  This will give you a spreadsheet to start with that you can then add your data to and it should help you to match up the fields more easily.

So go into whatever area you wish to import data into.

Add in at least one item of data.  Then modify the list view to ensure that you have all the fields that you wish to import in the next steps by following this tutorial:

Export the data to excel so you have a spreadsheet with the correct fields that you wish to import.

Now copy the data from your initial spreadsheet to this new spreadsheet matching the correct headers.  This should mean that when you go to import your data everything will match up immediately and should make life much easier.

Then, if you choose "Import Records" from the file menu (Choose "File" from the sub-menu, this means you will be importing from a file). This should give you the option to Import from a file located on your hard drive

There is a drop down menu in the "open file" option to display files of all types, change this to "All available", so that you can see all the available file types.

Select the file you wish to import, you may find one of two things happen at this point. CMPro could prompt you to open a file called v10 - just click ok, then cancel on this. This file is no longer required

If you are opening an Excel file with multiple worksheets, it may then prompt you to select the worksheet you wish to import

You should end up with a two column window, on the left is all the fields of data available for import from the source file you specified, on the right is a list of all the available fields that you can import into.

What you need to do here is match which fields are to be imported to the fields in CMPro.

Between the two columns is an up/down arrow, which when you click on, allows you to move the fields on the right, to match the position of the fields on the left.

If you have already followed the initial instruction of EXPORTING a sample of the data you wish to import and made sure that the headers on your data sheet match up to that of the exported sample sheet then everything here should match up.

Once you have moved it into position, what you need to ensure is that the field is selected to import. To do this, click on the area to the left of the up/down arrow that normally has a dash - .

When you click on this, is should change to a right arrow, to indicate that the field on the left will be imported into the field on the right

If you have matched the fields in the correct order, then the data should import for all the records in the source file, into records in CMPro. NOTE: Avoid importing anything into fields called "*** Primary Key", these are used by CMPro as internal links.

If you click on Import, you will be prompted to select a tick box that reads "Perform auto enter options", you should make sure this is ticked, so that when the items get imported, they will be automatically given unique numbers for CMPro to identify them internally

Imported records should show in CMPro as the "currently found set" of records.  If you make a mistake, you will need to delete these records.

If you require further assistance, please let us know.

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